Jeremy Belcher

UX/UI Product Design Leader


Design Philosophy:

Building & Leading Design Teams

  • Building a team - Hire people who excel at their craft, add to the team and company culture, and make everyone on the team better at what they do

  • Unleashing a team - Create space for them to do their best work by clearing out any roadblocks and trusting them to do what you hired them for

  • Helping the team grow - Take responsibility for their careers while they are in your care, providing mentorship and guidance while finding opportunities for them to grow

Design Operations

  • Show work early and often - Crude sketches, wireframes, or prototypes build consensus around a project’s direction faster than endless meetings and briefs - “big reveals” are time wasters

  • Process is for manufacturing - Different design projects have different problems, and while a framework for solving problems is important, different problems require different approaches

  • Good design needs advocacy - While many firms have begun to wake up to the the importance of good design, it often still needs a cheerleader within the organization

  • Design can excite stakeholders - Typical departmental roadblocks can be cleared by bringing these groups (Legal, Biz Dev, Marketing, etc) into the ideation stage of a project, as they are more likely to find a way to say yes and clear a path if they feel a sense of ownership - plus they often bring perspective you hadn’t considered


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Case Studies


Other Work

Screenshot 2019-02-19 21.54.23.png

DIRECTV Product Strategy

The Future of Television 2020

Screenshot 2019-02-19 22.22.57.png

Under Armour Experience Mapping

Mapping the customer experience for a new sneaker customizer

Language Explorer Flow.png

Google Glass Language Translator

Diagramming an on-the-fly language translator that was to ship natively on the 2nd-gen Google Glass

Side Projects

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